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We assist individuals with starting their own businesses because small business is key to economic independence and community sustainability.

Where is Your Passion?

As a business consultant and entrepreneur, I have learned that individuals who want help with setting up a business has the drive and passion to do so. The biggest mistake people make in life is not doing what they enjoy. Some people have the dream and desire to start their own business, but are afraid to do so because of finances, support, or courage. To succeed in life, we must stay within our “strength zone”, but move outside of our “comfort zone”. It takes initiative to succeed at anything in life and requires you to take risks. Passion prompts us to leave our “comfort zone” and cross the threshold of our doubt. Passion pushes us out the door, so that we can get going on the journey in life that God designed for us. So step out in faith, take the initiative, and believe that God is with you and start your business. Many people believe that “success brings you happiness”, but in actuality “happiness brings you success”. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. When you feel passionate about something and allow yourself to pursue it, you position yourself to succeed in life. Dreams come true when gifts are set on fire with passion. Passion is the starting point for all your achievement in life and it’s the energy that fuels your dream. The best career advice you will ever receive is to discover your God-given passion and follow it.


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2 thoughts on “Where is Your Passion?

  1. Pat Lynch on said:

    Agree totally with this article. If you love what you do the passion will shine through.

  2. Couldn’t agree more – nothing happens without passion,

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