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“My life is meaningless”

Your life can have meaning with God.

GOING THROUGH THE MOTIONSI’m not going to lie, I can read thousands of inspirational quotes about living life to the fullest, I can read one book after another about what habits I need to build to fulfill my dreams, I can go to church three times a week and hear one message after another about the purpose of my life… and yet when I wake up in the morning and go through the same daily, weekly, monthly routine life doesn’t seem so vibrant with purpose, so permeated with potential, and so immersed with meaning.

From going to work, to attending and leading Bible studies, to preparing and teaching lessons in church, to hanging out with family and friends, to exploring new places, and to writing.

Every day, every week, every month, it’s all the same.

Maybe the people change, the situations change, the locations change… but the routine remains the same.

And in…

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