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How to Succeed, Care Enough to Confront

Sometimes the hardest thing you can do is confront someone who is not acting right, but in the long run it is for the best. 1 Thess. 5:14 states, “Warn those who are out of line.” But, most of the time, we would rather stay quiet and be popular than speak difficult truth into the lives of others. We are afraid to confront that uncle whose alcoholism is not only affecting his life, but the lives of his family and friends. A church is a spiritual body of a loving family. It’s easier to comfort and encourage than to warn or exhort, but both are necessary. Ephesians 4:15 tells us to speak the truth in love so that the whole body may grow up in all things. If we don’t take the time to exhort, encourage, warn, comfort, uphold and be patient, we all suffer in the end. If you allow serious issues to go unaddressed, it does a grave disservice to the person in question. You may not like it but sometimes the truth hurts in the beginning, but in the long run it will benefit the individual because it will cause them to want to do better.

If you do not confront bad behavior in young people, it will negatively affect their attitude toward authority, relationships, accountability, and personal discipline. But, by correcting a young person’s behavior, we are showing them that certain actions have consequences and you must deal with those consequences. Should never be afraid to correct a child because you are letting the child know that no matter what you will have rules to abide by, even in, your adult life.

The truth is the only safe ground to stand upon, and your goal should be to speak it in love.

Donya Zimmerman is a business consultant, mediator, and legal professional with over ten years of experience.  She is owner of Family & Community Mediation and Business Consulting (FACMBC) based in Baltimore, Maryland and has been in business since 2013. Services provided by FACMBC:  Mediation and Conflict Resolution Services; Business Registration Assistance (Limited Liability Company, Corporation, S-Corp, Limited Liability Partnership, etc.); Business Plan Drafting Assistance; Business Certification Assistance (MBE, WOSB, 8A, 501(c) (3), Hub Zone, etc.); and Business Organization Assistance. She is also a contributing writer to the Maryland Daily Examiner Newspaper. Contact information:;;;


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