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How to Succeed, Serve God and Others

Gal. 5:13, 16-18 “V.13….but by love serve one another. V.16 Walk in the spirit, and ye shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh. V.17 For the flesh lusts against the spirit, and the spirit against the flesh…V.18 but, if ye be led by the Spirit, ye are not under the law.” You should be willing to help and serve others because you never know whose life you will change with your service. Do not be afraid to share your gifts with others, and you give God praise and glory when you serve others in His name.

Must learn to be like Jesus and be willing to serve others. Mark 10:43 “Whoever desires to become great among you shall be your servant.” Cannot have the attitude of Pilate, from the New Testament of the Bible, where you refuse to get involved. Sometimes you have to serve where you do not want to serve. Everyone wants to lead and no one wants to serve God. Never have goals so lofty that they blind you to the needs of those around you. Without a servant’s heart, you’ll be tempted to use your gift for personal gain, or to exempt yourself from areas you consider beneath you. The truth is the only way to serve God is by serving those He loves.

Gal 6:2-3 “V.2 Bear ye one another’s burden….V.3 For if a man think himself to be something, when he is nothing, he deceives himself.” Following in the footsteps of Jesus calls for being service-oriented, not self-absorbed. Less than perfect service is better than the best of intentions. If you’re not willing to do it imperfectly in the beginning, you’ll never get out of the starting gate. The best of people make mistakes, it is how you gain knowledge and develop character. You’re only serving God when you’re willing to do what’s required.

1 Cor. 15:58 “Throw yourselves into the work of the Master. Knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.” A true servant of God is content to work quietly in the shadows. They know that in heaven God will openly reward people we’ve never even heard of. Throw yourselves into the work of the Master, confident that nothing you do for Him is a waste of time or effort. Not all jobs are prominent and glamorous. But, those who serve God with their “faces to the coal” play a vital role in fulfilling His purposes on earth.

Gal 5:13 “Through love serve one another.” “We weren’t created to be warm, safe, and comfortable. You and I were made to be turned on.” The Pursuit of Excellence by Ted Engstorm. Must always remind yourself that you were called to serve God. Gal 6:10 “Whenever we have the opportunity, we have to do what is good.” Look for small tasks nobody wants to do, then do them as if they were great things because God is rewarding it all. As a servant, you don’t get to choose where you’ll serve, God does.

Donya Zimmerman is a business consultant, mediator, and legal professional with over ten years of experience.  She is owner of Family & Community Mediation and Business Consulting (FACMBC) based in Baltimore, Maryland and has been in business since 2013. Services provided by FACMBC:  Mediation and Conflict Resolution Services; Business Registration Assistance (Limited Liability Company, Corporation, S-Corp, Limited Liability Partnership, etc.); Business Plan Drafting Assistance; Business Certification Assistance (MBE, WOSB, 8A, 501(c) (3), Hub Zone, etc.); and Business Organization Assistance. She is also a contributing writer to the Maryland Daily Examiner Newspaper. Contact information:;;;


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