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When you feel afraid

How to Overcome Fear.

faith, facing your fears, daughter by design, trust God,Fear.

It’s what kept the Israelites walking around in circles when they were destined for the Promised Land.

It’s what made Peter start drowning when he should have kept on walking on water.

It’s what causes dreams to be left unfulfilled and buried with talented, gifted, and skilled women and men all around the world.

For the Israelites it was the uncertainty that God would take them to the Promised Land.

For Peter it was the uncertainty that he could keep on walking on water with crashing waves all around him.

For you it could be something else.

Fear of pursuing your dreams because you might be rejected.

Fear of following Jesus into an unknown future because you don’t know what it might hold.

Fear of what might happen if you take a step forward.

Fear of what might not happen if you do.

Fear in itself is not a…

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